Success without burn-out!

Updated: Apr 23

Recently I have seen a real shift in the type of clientele who are seeking me out for coaching and development. People who are brilliant in their jobs, have amazing qualifications and skills, but who are suffering from severe burn-out and dare I say, damaged.

Every business, private or public wants to be successful, otherwise what is the point in being in business, right? So how do we measure success? I have always thought that if you have a great service/product, look after your customers, and treat your employees well, then the profits should come naturally, and your business should continue to grow. I know it is not quite as simple as that, but you get my drift.

So then why do we still see a lot of organisations where the only metric they truly care about is their revenue number. I get that it is a vital part of business, but it should never be the only one to measure how successful a business is.

When we focus exclusively on profit, we can hurt company performance and severely damage employee and customer engagement and limit productivity.

If we keep pushing people to their limits and breaking them, eventually it will impact revenue. That situation is something a business may not recover from quickly and certainly will not be one that people will want to work for.

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