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A Leaders Journey to Self-Awareness

Updated: May 27, 2022

Leadership has certainly evolved over the last few years. The expectations on leaders have dramatically changed- just ask any leader how they lead their teams through the Pandemic!

When a leader is faced with something as enormous as a Pandemic, where they or their people have never experienced anything like it before (or maybe ever again in their lifetime), it's a challenging place to find themselves. Why? Well, quite simply because everyone looks to the leader as to how to behave and what to do next.

How to keep a business striving and keep everyone safe during a Pandemic, is not an easy task for even the most seasoned leaders.

Today to lead the minds and hearts of people requires enabling and empowering people to tap into their most valuable asset - their human capital. It's not just about up-skilling people to reach their highest potential, it's also about understanding what motivates and inspires them as people. "Where do you start with this", I hear you say.

Well, a good start is for a leader to show their human side, the good, the bad and the downright ugly! in other words their ability to be vulnerable.

Oh No! Not that word again! Yes 'Vulnerability' means different things to different people. Showing vulnerability is not a weakness, in fact the opposite. It takes great courage to let you guard down. And by doing it allows people to see your authentic self.

"I don't need to be vulnerable, I can go it alone". I've heard this from a lot of leaders I coach. Sure, you can do that, but damn it's going to be very lonely and potentially very risky.

So how do you become more vulnerable and show your people who you really are?

Below are just a few examples to get you thinking;

  • Providing a safe place where it's ok to make mistakes. Sharing your lessons on the mistakes you've made in your life and how you learnt from them is a great way to show your people they don't need to be perfect or fearful when they make a bad call.

  • If you want your people to trust you, well the path to trust is vulnerability. But please note it needs to be earned. It is rarely automatically given and above all it needs to be genuine and sincere.

  • You own your mistakes and decisions and don't point the finger at someone else to take the blame. As a Leader, it's important to remember that your people usually know if something is not working. They want to see if you have the courage to tell them.

  • Admitting that you don't have all the answers- taking risks and having trust in your people abilities. You hired your people because they had the right skills for the role- so let them do their jobs!

  • Role modelling being kind to yourself. Not working crazy hours and burning out will send a very strong message to your people that their health and wellbeing is just as important for you and them.

  • Having courage and Integrity. Choosing courage over comfort, choosing what’s right over what’s going to make you unpopular, fast or easy. Practising values, not just professing them.

  • 'Who we are is how we lead'. Are you showing up as you for your people? If you struggle with self- awareness/reflection then investing in coaching is a great way to help you on your journey to reach your highest potential as a leader.

  • Being an empathetic leader and placing importance and making time to relate and genuinely connect with your people. This will also go a long way in gaining their trust

At Emerald Isle Consulting we use Dr Will Sparks Actualized Leadership Profiling tools as part of our Coaching tool kit. Dr Sparks not only believes that self-awareness is critical in reaching our highest potential but also critical in how we connect with others

We are enormously proud that our founder 'Noeleen Langford' is the only Coach in Australia who is accredited and certified as an Associate of Dr Will Sparks Consulting- Founder of Actualized Leadership.

The ALP (Actualized Leadership Profile) is a powerful tool that helps Leaders take that 'Oh so much needed look in the mirror'. With genuine self-reflection through coaching, every person has the ability to break old habits that are holding them back in their career and personal lives.

When you commit to your self- awareness journey the possibilities to reach your highest potential are endless.

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